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Athena Roaster Set Black.JPG

Athena Roaster

My wife gave a set of roasters to me as a gift.  At first I figured I'd never use the small roaster, but as it turns out I ended up using it for EVERYTHING!  It is fantastic! Highly recommend! 

Matt W.

I live in the (tiny) town where these skillets are made.  I first heard about them from Matt Adams, chef of the Red Hen (also in our tiny town).  Matt had one and recommended it, so I bought one.  Now I have THREE.  They are a joy to cook with--functional and utterly gorgeous.  My favorite is the two-handled roaster.  Cooks like a dream and makes a gorgeous presentation on the table.  It's also the one I tend to give as a wedding/anniversary gift.

Ann H

Love my medium roaster!
Use it every day.

Samuel Milligan

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