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The Athena Skillet

We hand forge our skillets out of eleven-gauge steel because we believe this delivers an optimal balance of weight, performance and durability. Pans made by hand, for generations to enjoy.

Athena skillets are the most beautiful, durable and high performing cooking surfaces I have ever used. I could not be more satisfied with mine, and use it almost every day. True craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Gus S.

Buying an Athena skillet was by far the best kitchen-related investment I have made. This is a high performing cooking surface that is easy to clean and maintain. I know I’ll be cooking with this skillet for family and friends for many years to come! You will not be disaapointed with this beautiful, functional product.

Calvin Soule

My Athena skillet cooks my food really evenly, even over a small flame. I have always used cast iron but my big burner is out and the food on the outsides just doesn’t get cooked as well. This thing did the trick.

Eli Welch

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