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The Athena Collection

The Athena line is the culmination of Yates Spencer’s 40 years of blacksmithing.  These skillets and roasters embody the performance and durability that only handmade carbon steel pans can achieve in the kitchen. What sets them apart is the seamless combination of aesthetic beauty and ergonomic feel in one’s hand. 

The Athena Roaster

The seductive elegance and beauty of the Athena Roaster mask the true nature of this rugged culinary weapon.  Few things in the kitchen can withstand the sear of the range, the warping blaze of the broiler, and emerge unscathed like the phoenix, ready to be the stunning center piece of the table.  The distinctive custom forged handles are ergonomically designed for effortless transitions from range, to oven, to table.  With the deep basin and unmatched qualities of hand forged carbon steel, each Athena roaster provides an unfettered canvas for any chef.  With a lifetime guarantee, a set of these roasters will undoubtedly be at the center of your family gatherings for decades to come.

The Athena Skillet

Designed as a hybrid between the Sauté Pan and the French Skillet, the Omni collection features medium height lips with enough curvature to sauté and flip vegetables, while still facilitating the iconic sear every great cook desires.  Athena’s Omni Skillet is the workhorse that can do it all.  


The 13” Omni Skillet provides the size and versatility to master any task.  Ideal for family cooking, the 13” size features an additional hand forged handle to help when moving a skillet of its size.  This skillet will not only last generations, but it will rise to any culinary challenge it faces along the way.