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Steel Cookware

Guaranteed for life


At Athena, we pay homage to the superior art of hand-forged metalwork by handcrafting each and every aspect of our cookware.  Far from a symbolic gesture, the ancient methods of forging we embrace produce unparalleled quality and durability.  These pans stand up the demands of professional kitchens with ease.

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Functional Art

We are inspired by the world around us.  When it comes to the culinary arts, that couldn't be more true.  Spending three decades as a metal artist, Yates felt compelled to craft functional culinary tools that could inspire and elevate every dish.


Natural Ergonomics

Like cast iron, carbon steel is a working metal, one that is formulated to last centuries.  Harnessing the curves of the natural world, Athena embraces the ruggedness of the metal through elegant ergonomic design.  At first touch, you're simultaneously struck by the weight of the pan and how its handle cradling the palm makes it feel like a natural extension of your hand. 

Small Roaster Black (Strawberry)_edited.jpg

Guaranteed for Life

Built to last, all Athena products come with a lifetime warranty. 

The Athena Collection


Used and Loved by Chefs

Executive Chef at the Prestigious Farm-To-Table Restaurant Red Hen in Lexington VA

Chef at the Favorite Mexican Restaurant Mano Taqueria in Lexington VA

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