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Seasoning Your Carbon Steel Pan

Seasoning your carbon steel pan enhances its natural non-stick properties and protects it from rust. Essentially, seasoning is nothing more than creating a thin layer of oil or fat that has been cooked on to the carbon steel. It is an easy process and nothing to be intimidated by. There are many methods and techniques for seasoning, all of which will do wonders for your carbon steel cookware.

The stovetop method is one of our favorites! It consists of heating up your carbon steel, applying a thin coat of oil, and letting it cook on to the surface. All you need is oil and a handful of paper towels.

First, rub a thin coat of oil over the entire pan (even the bottom and sides).Next heat the pan on medium heat. As it gets hot, you will begin to see smoke being created.

You will notice that the oil smokes at first, then slowly dries to the surface of the carbon steel pan. This cooked on oil is the formation of your seasoning! When the oil is dry, you can apply another thin coat.

Repeat this as few or many times as you want. The more coats you add the thicker the seasoning and darker your carbon steel pan will become!

Check out our Seasoning Your Carbon Steel Pan video to see for yourself!


PRO Tips & Trouble Shooting:

1. Don’t let the oil bead up on the pan and cook on in droplets. This can create an uneven and sticky surface.

2. If the pan feels sticky when you are coating it, chances are you are using too much oil.

3. If the oil is taking too long to dry out, try turning the heat up.

4. If the paper towels or rag burns up quickly, try reducing the heat.

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