Ideal for the perfect sear, the Athena Sauté pan is designed to embody the essence of high heat cooking.  These pans feature short lips with a steeper curve, designed to accelerate evaporation and control splashing.  The unique properties of hand forged carbon provide the even heat distribution and non-stick qualities that every chef yearns for in the kitchen.


The 11 ¼” Sauté Pan is the quintessential option for date night or even a small family.  Fitting perfectly on the standard range, this pan is great for a grilled cheese sandwich, 2-3 chicken breast, or a large ribeye.  Its medium size and weight are ideal for the majority of your culinary occasions.


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  • 3 lbs 9 oz  
  • 11 ¼″ lip-to-lip     
  • 9″ base
  • 1 ¼″ lip height   
  • 20″ length with handle       
  • 4″ handle height

Classic Sauté Pan - 11 ¼"



    # ratings

    Greg Davidson

    Beautiful pans that get the job done. I couldn’t be happier with the pans or with Athena’s customer service.

    Calvin Soule

    Buying an Athena skillet was by far the best kitchen-related investment I have made. This is a high performing cooking surface that is easy to clean and maintain. I know I’ll be cooking with this skillet for family and friends for many years to come! You will not be disaapointed with this beautiful, functional product

    S C

    Bought 2 Classic Omni Skillets. Extremely happy. Have been using for about 2 weeks. Really like the looks, and getting colors on foods I have been unable to get previously.

    John Atkins

    I received my first 9.5-inch, carbon steel Athena Skillet as a gift from my family. The brushed carbon steel and handcrafted details impressed me right away. Cooking with it is a delight because it is the perfect balance between my two favorite cooking materials -- steel and cast iron. In the tradition of great bonded steel pots, the Athena Skillet spreads the heat evenly and cooks fast over high heat. And in the tradition of cast iron, it is great for cooking slowly and sauteing gently over low heat with brown butter or cream sauces, and it cleans easily with a brush and hot water. I was so happy with my first Athena Skillet that I gave two more as gifts to friends last Christmas and bought myself a 12.5-inch skillet and an 11-inch roaster with two handles for use in the oven, which doubles as a wok on the stovetop. These pans are beautiful, versatile and will last forever. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that purchasing these pans means supporting an artisan's workshop and US-based jobs.

    Eli Welch

    My Athena skillet cooks my food really evenly, even over a small flame. I have always used cast iron but my big burner is out and the food on the outsides just doesn’t get cooked as well. This thing did the trick.

    Johnny Drahos

    The amount of effort and care that gets put into making each pan is just unreal. They are truly immaculate, and you can feel that every time you pick up the handle

    Ann H

    I live in the (tiny) town where these skillets are made. I first heard about them from Matt Adams, chef of the Red Hen (also in our tiny town). Matt had one and recommended it, so I bought one. Now I have THREE. They are a joy to cook with--functional and utterly gorgeous. My favorite is the two-handled roaster. Cooks like a dream and makes a gorgeous presentation on the table. It's also the one I tend to give as a wedding/anniversary gift.

    Eli S

    I love my Athena skillet! It's beautiful, durable, cooks consistently, and is guaranteed for life.

    Avery Hise

    Couldn't be happier with these pans and skillets. Stunning pieces that don't compromise on function, very impressed with cooking surfaces and how comfy the handles are in the hand.

    Jiadi Chang

    Been cooking with my Athena skillet every day for almost a year. Steaks, fish, eggs, crepes, you name it. This pan can do it, time and time again.

    Kirk Waller

    I have cooked with two different kinds of these pans - a 11” classic omni and a large Artisan roaster. They are of top-notch quality and incredibly versatile. I can make many different things with these, from simple stir-frys and sauces to pan pizzas and slow-cooked meats. They heat up and cool down more quickly on a burner than any other pan I have used, while the handle stays cool enough to grip with a bare hand. 10/10 would recommend. I plan on adding a third pan to my kitchen arsenal in the near future.

    Sam Owen

    Immaculate artisan work from an incredible business, the skillets cook like a three star michelin chef, and are even more durable than that cast iron pan you have used for twenty years. Irreplaceable for a great price.


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