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Used and Loved by Real Chefs

“What can I say about my new Athena Skillet? It’s barbaric, a wild brute of a pan. I have worked with and destroyed many French style iron pans in my day, only this one has emerged from the ashes unscathed like a phoenix with a hunger for fire. Cooking on a French top stove the pan rests, in all its glory, on the hottest center ring for 14 hours a day without so much as a warp or bend to the body. It gets hot and stays hot like a bolt of staccato lightning. Using this pan is like the first time hearing of Zep’s debut album. I sear steaks, crisp the skin of fish, and render lardons. I use it for everyday use and every night rock ‘n’ roll. It is the Mjolnir of the kitchen. It is thunder.”

- Matt, Executive Chef at the Red Hen in Lexington, VA. He'd been using a medium omni skillet for about five months.

“Simply put, we love it. Everyone does. Cooks fabulous, looks fabulous. Everyone who comes in my kitchen is immediately drawn to it, picks it up, and says, ‘Now there’s a supreme skillet.’

As a formally-trained blacksmith in Germany, I maintain very high standards for what I consider exceptional craftsmanship, particularly when expressed through exceptional design. These skillets not only meet those standards but do so in a manner that evokes artistic essence, a functionality that is a delight to touch and resonates with both tradition and fresh, contemporary expression — a perfect storm of art and culinary magic.”

-Robert Owings, former editor of The Anvil's Ring Blacksmithing Magazine, writer, artist, and foodie. He'd been using a medium French skillet for about six months.

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