Woks with Omni Handle

Woks with Omni Handle

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Our hand forged woks are 3/32” thick in the center and taper down to 1/16” thick (16gauge) around the edges. The extra material in the center provides an extremely even heat and supreme durability. The tapering reduces the overall weight of the wok and we create the decorative patterns on the outside walls through the forging process.

These woks have the same handle as our Omni Skillets. The design of the handle dissipates the heat so they do not get hot in use.

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  Medium: *5 lbs 2 oz.   *13" lip-to-lip    *3-1/4" lip height    *24" overall length with handles      

Large:     *6 lbs 4 oz.    *15" lip-to-lip   *3-1/4" lip height    *26" overall length with handles  

Current lead time is about three weeks.