Athena Classic

Our Classic skillets are beautiful, dependable, and offer the superior browning and searing qualities of carbon steel. Hand crafted from 11 gauge steel, they get hot fast, provide a very even heat, and react quickly to temperature adjustments. We'll never compromise when it comes to quality. That's why all our pans are guaranteed for life.

*All sets are available unless noted otherwise.


Athena Artisan

Our Artisan skillets emphasize the artistic potential of forged steel. The hand forged fluting on the exterior of the walls adds a decorative element while also making the walls considerably thinner and lighter. The extra thick base allows for fine temperature control and extremely even heat distribution. We've put careful thought into handle design, and the three options we've come up with appeal to varied tastes and fit perfectly in the hand.​ All Artisan skillets are currently custom made, and lead time is 3-6 weeks.