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Handcrafted Carbon
Steel Cookware


Made in Virginia,

by blacksmith Spencer Yates

Our hand-forged skillets

are sturdy and don't warp like cheaper,

lighter, mass-produced carbon steel pans. In our small shop, each skillet receives hours of attention from Yates, a master blacksmith of 35 years, who works the metal until the pan is perfectly balanced and the handle fits

perfectly in the hand. 


The Athena Collection



 Designed as a hybrid between the Sauté Pan and the French Skillet, the Athena Skillet collection features medium height lips with enough curvature to sauté and flip vegetables, while still facilitating the iconic sear every great cook desires.  Athena’s Skillet is the workhorse that can do it all. 



With the deep basin and unmatched qualities of hand forged carbon steel, each Athena roaster provides an unfettered canvas for any chef.  With a lifetime guarantee, a set of these roasters will undoubtedly be at the center of your family gatherings for decades to come.

Used and Loved by Real Chefs

Executive Chef at the Prestigious Farm-To-Table Restaurant Red Hen in Lexington VA

Chef at the Favorite Mexican Restaurant Mano Taqueria in Lexington VA

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